Our Story

Hi, I'm Ange! Welcome, and thanks so much for stopping by. I am the one-woman show that is everything behind Isle of Design.by Ange

Isle of Design started with a desire to do something creative that is 100% mine. I’ve always loved to make a variety of things and my small business journey is always evolving and reflecting that. Our ever popular apparel line was born from the need to fill the void for Mama's to match their sons. As a first time mama, I was bombarded with adorable pinks and glitters for mama's to match their baby girls, so I wanted to create something not only for the boy mama's, but a neutral collection for everyone.

From mom life to making, Isle of Design always has something new to offer, but one thing remains the same- each item is designed and hand-made out of my passion to create something unique you will love. Our shop specializes in apparel for Mamas and their Minis, but we've got something for the Westcoasters, the Dad's and the Everyone in between.

-Ange, Owner + Maker